Almost a year!

Well, it’s been almost a year and, well, I haven’t completely forgotten about this—just mostly…

I have been working on some stuff recently, and I’ll probably be making 2 or 3 posts in the next day or so.

I’ve mostly finished with my 1/72 scale Trumpeter Char 1 bis. It was a fun little model given to me as a gift from my friend Chris. I messed some stuff up, like losing a couple of the various tow-hooks (so tiny!) which also meant I couldn’t attach the pioneer tools. It’s ok, it airbrushed nicely and I just need to finish the tracks (old-fashioned rubberband style—worst part of the kit) and decaling and she’ll go up on the shelf.

I’ve also mostly finished an ebay salvaged 40K Chimera, which will feature in one of my next posts. I’ve got some Cadian Infantry also from 40K pretty much done as well.

Till next post!


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Father. Husband. Model builder, miniature painter, TV watcher and book reader

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