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All about that Bass..ilisk

Yea, yea I know.

My guard needs artillery.  And I really the looks of the Basilisk. So I once again turned to ebay and found one that I thought was a pretty good deal.


Don’t judge me….


I really need to start looking at pictures better. The missing platform I saw. What I didn’t see and didn’t know was how that platform was attached to the floor plate/gun mount.  I thought that it would be a simple matter to just glue some styrene there and be done.


It couldn’t even be a clean break…

So yea, that’s going to take some work…

The next thing I noticed was the gun assembly was all wobbly. So I had to get that all apart without wrecking stuff too badly (above picture after stripping and disassembly)…

The last thing that I didn’t realize until I managed to snag a new-on-sprue old style Basilisk—is that the end of the gun barrel  has been cut down by a good couple of inches.

Yea, it was a greeeat bargain for $25… (The new-on-sprue was $26)

So into the stripper bath she went. And, indicative of how troublesome this kit had become the paint wouldn’t come off. Tried all my usual stuff (Simple Green, Castro Purple stuff, LA’s Degreaser and Oven Cleaner) all for nothing.  Finally following a tip from my buddy Austin I bought some non-acetone nail polish remover and BAM! Paint removed. Though the stuff stinks to high heaven and I was nervous the entire time that it would melt the plastic anyways.

I was then ably to gently pry/break apart the gun assembly (and some track parts). Luckily the builder put the thing together with superglue and most everything came apart pretty easily.

I was also able to pry out the gun mount/floor plate and get a better look at it.

I decided after some trial and error to cut down the plate where the old firing platform broke off to make it look  (and mount) cleaner.

I then took the ‘new’ floor plate traced it onto some styrene. I then cut the shape out and glued it to the bottom of the broken floor plate.

New and old.

The assembly is currently drying. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to sand down everything flush and square and begin reinforcing the firing platform (the styrene is only .20, kind of flimsy).

I’m thinking that due to how different this will look from my other Basilisk, I might ‘grubbins’ this one up to look like a command version or something. I did pick up some old Rhino consoles from the bits guy…


Project Vanquisher

So as one of my many projects for my Imperial Guard army is my Leman Russ Vanquisher.

Now, like the rest of my Lemans this was a Craigslist purchase. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t me.

My first challenge was giving the tank a bit more realistic barrel. For some reason, the barrel is what ‘breaks’ the Leman Russ for me. I mean the rest of the tank is so realistic, isn’t it? /s

Anyways, I cut off the old barrel as close as I could to the mantlet (remember this was bought already built). Then I epoxied a piece of aluminum tubing  that was just about the right side into the gun tube that’s on the backside of the mantlet.

Sorry, I didn’t get pictures.

I then got measurements from a Ryza Vanquisher Forgeworld turret, and made a suitably tank looking gun barrel.

I also made a gun cover out of Teflon tape to hide some of the issues with the mantlet, covered the edges of the mantlet with some styrene and put foil rivets on it. I’m fairly happy with how it came out. I also tried my hand at sculpting an epoxy pennant on the vox antenna. I’m less happy with that.

I then applied some undercoating that’ll have chipping media sprayed over it on  the turret and tank body to help give it that “Grimdark” beat-to-crap look.

Coat of bare-metal color (Tamiya Aluminum mixed with Dark Grey) sprayed over chassis and turret (after chipping media applied):

And because I suck at taking pictures…

Here’s it all done (from an extremely awkward angle) getting a coat of AK Interactive’s NATO wash.

I still have quite a bit of work to do on this thing: markings, stowage, treads and exhaust. But I’m pretty happy with how the gun came out.

Some (almost) Finished Work.

I really kind of suck at finishing stuff. I get like 90% there and… I peter out. Anyways, it’s helpful (I think) to post some (nearly) finished stuff to remember that I don’t (completely) suck.

A modified BattleTech Battlemaster that I made for a fellow moderator at the BattleTech Forums. The ‘Ban-hammer” was made from a set of Mantic Dwarves that I received from Adepticon a few years ago.

A better view of the Banhammer.

The first mini I painted after I got back into BattleTech in 2010.

Not horrible. but not great either.

A mostly completed Imperial Guard Sentinel. Bought this last year at Adepticon. It…had some issues which I’ve tried to camouflage with battle damage. This was my first time using chipping medium.


This is Bill, my prototype guardsman.

I have some more stuff, but I need better photos, so that’s enough for now.

Bits Mashing

I love ‘bits’ resellers. They provide a great service and really help edge the miniatures community into areas of great creativity.

I’m particularly fond of the resellers that go to cons. There is nothing like rummaging through a container and finding just the right part for a project. Or finding something really cheap. Both things that are close to my heart.

At Adepticon this past month I ended up spending a lot of time (and money!) at the bits guys getting both full miniatures (Yay Crisis suits!) and some scratch building fodder.

Two of those things were an Eradicator gun for a dollar as well as an old style Leman Russ turret, which was also a dollar. I really like the old style turrets because they seem to have more character than the newer style. Maybe it’s the sensor/cargo bump on the left side, I dunno. And, as I mentioned here I need something that ‘ignores cover’, and the Eridacator fills that niche.

Anyways, the turret was missing the hatch (got plenty of those from the bits guy) and it, of course, doesn’t fit the hull of the new style leman but I still wanted to do something cool. I decided to put the Eradicator gun into the old turret, make a new bottom plate  to fit the newer Russ and add that thick side turret armor the old Demolishers had.

 photo 669F05A3-BBCC-472F-AC73-770D3C7F7D56.jpg

The starting point.

Turns out the gun fits reasonably well without any work. Needs a little help staying perfectly horizontal, but nothing bad. It has a bit of lateral movement, but not enough for me to really worry about.

I decided rather than trying to grind out the mounting ring, I would just pop off the old bottom plate and make a new one. I screwed up here, first tracing the old bottom plate to make the new one—which left the new one not fitting quite right. So Instead I just traced the bottom of the turret and then trimmed the plate down to fit flush.

 photo C807F0FE-FC13-45BA-BA95-EA98A50A7C5B.jpg

First try.

 photo 07C976D9-A475-43A8-8304-9E160605430F.jpg

Better try.

I’ve shimmed the bottom plate under the gun to help keep the gun horizontal, just a couple of strips of .020 styrene that were glued and sanded flush with the far-forward edge of the bottom plate.

You can also see in the above the picture the two lengths of thick styrene strips that will form the base of the side armor.

 photo 297FDE2B-0B73-489B-9C0F-DB6B9150F349.jpg

To make the side plate, I printed out the relevant page from a paper model kit to use as a template.

 photo 68D2D114-AA28-4C8C-A884-80BCDC6C28E8.jpg

Used the messed-up turret bottom to make the new side armor plate.

Of course, this is all pointless if I can’t get the turret mounted. So after some measuring I marked the turret ring but I didn’t have the right diameter of tubing to fit the new style hull, because.

So I took the biggest size I had, and started gluing some styrene strip around it to make it fit. It’s not glamorous, or even probably a good way to do it, but it’s working.

 photo 3EC1F7A7-ACE4-4765-B013-FFC431520F46.jpg

Trying to get the strip to lay right as I glue it. It, uh, kinda worked.

First game in the Grim Dark

So awhile ago I finally played my first 40K game. My friend Andrew agreed to play me at the (kinda) local GW store. I played my Imperial Guard and he brought he (non-cheesy!) Eldar for a 1250 point game.

I… I learned a lot. I received First Blood thanks to a lucky Battlecannon shot and a poor moral roll.
That’s about the best I can say for my showing.

I did learn a lot, and I’m really grateful for Andrew’s patience in showing me the game.

Some Lessons:
I prefer playing a mobile list. I’m the same in BattleTech, I’d rather maneuver than sit.
I need a gun(s) that ‘ignores cover’.
Psykers. Bring lots.
I still like bacon.
I need to re-read ‘The Rules’ now that I’ve seen the mechanics in play.
IG are squishy. I knew that, but now I really KNOW that.

I’m pot committed to the game now, with uh, 4 armies… (IG, Dark Angles, Tau, Death Korp)

I’ve ordered a Psyker and Techpriest mini for my IG, so hopefully my next game, I’ll do better.

Some Thoughts…

I have no idea why, but I really, really suck at keeping a blog. I also suck at taking pictures, which is probably part of the ‘sucking at a blog’ bit. I’m trying to get better, but time will tell.

I have a bunch of projects going on at once (maybe that’s part of my problem?) including:

A Vampire fighter earmarked for Norwegian service

An old AMT Snap TIE Interceptor that is a gift for my cousins wedding (he’s a Star Wars fan)

Converting an old style Leman Russ Turret to house a new style Eradicator gun and adding some details.

Figuring out a scheme for my Tau force (probably Farsight Enclave).

Oh, and my new-to-me Death Korp of Krieg force.

Anyways I have one (maybe two) posts to put up today, so there will be some movement on that front.

Now, a funny meme. Have I told you how much I love Christopher Walken?

Commissar Walken