First game in the Grim Dark

So awhile ago I finally played my first 40K game. My friend Andrew agreed to play me at the (kinda) local GW store. I played my Imperial Guard and he brought he (non-cheesy!) Eldar for a 1250 point game.

I… I learned a lot. I received First Blood thanks to a lucky Battlecannon shot and a poor moral roll.
That’s about the best I can say for my showing.

I did learn a lot, and I’m really grateful for Andrew’s patience in showing me the game.

Some Lessons:
I prefer playing a mobile list. I’m the same in BattleTech, I’d rather maneuver than sit.
I need a gun(s) that ‘ignores cover’.
Psykers. Bring lots.
I still like bacon.
I need to re-read ‘The Rules’ now that I’ve seen the mechanics in play.
IG are squishy. I knew that, but now I really KNOW that.

I’m pot committed to the game now, with uh, 4 armies… (IG, Dark Angles, Tau, Death Korp)

I’ve ordered a Psyker and Techpriest mini for my IG, so hopefully my next game, I’ll do better.


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