Some Thoughts…

I have no idea why, but I really, really suck at keeping a blog. I also suck at taking pictures, which is probably part of the ‘sucking at a blog’ bit. I’m trying to get better, but time will tell.

I have a bunch of projects going on at once (maybe that’s part of my problem?) including:

A Vampire fighter earmarked for Norwegian service

An old AMT Snap TIE Interceptor that is a gift for my cousins wedding (he’s a Star Wars fan)

Converting an old style Leman Russ Turret to house a new style Eradicator gun and adding some details.

Figuring out a scheme for my Tau force (probably Farsight Enclave).

Oh, and my new-to-me Death Korp of Krieg force.

Anyways I have one (maybe two) posts to put up today, so there will be some movement on that front.

Now, a funny meme. Have I told you how much I love Christopher Walken?

Commissar Walken


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Father. Husband. Model builder, miniature painter, TV watcher and book reader

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