Project Vanquisher

So as one of my many projects for my Imperial Guard army is my Leman Russ Vanquisher.

Now, like the rest of my Lemans this was a Craigslist purchase. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t me.

My first challenge was giving the tank a bit more realistic barrel. For some reason, the barrel is what ‘breaks’ the Leman Russ for me. I mean the rest of the tank is so realistic, isn’t it? /s

Anyways, I cut off the old barrel as close as I could to the mantlet (remember this was bought already built). Then I epoxied a piece of aluminum tubing  that was just about the right side into the gun tube that’s on the backside of the mantlet.

Sorry, I didn’t get pictures.

I then got measurements from a Ryza Vanquisher Forgeworld turret, and made a suitably tank looking gun barrel.

I also made a gun cover out of Teflon tape to hide some of the issues with the mantlet, covered the edges of the mantlet with some styrene and put foil rivets on it. I’m fairly happy with how it came out. I also tried my hand at sculpting an epoxy pennant on the vox antenna. I’m less happy with that.

I then applied some undercoating that’ll have chipping media sprayed over it on  the turret and tank body to help give it that “Grimdark” beat-to-crap look.

Coat of bare-metal color (Tamiya Aluminum mixed with Dark Grey) sprayed over chassis and turret (after chipping media applied):

And because I suck at taking pictures…

Here’s it all done (from an extremely awkward angle) getting a coat of AK Interactive’s NATO wash.

I still have quite a bit of work to do on this thing: markings, stowage, treads and exhaust. But I’m pretty happy with how the gun came out.


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