All about that Bass..ilisk

Yea, yea I know.

My guard needs artillery.  And I really the looks of the Basilisk. So I once again turned to ebay and found one that I thought was a pretty good deal.


Don’t judge me….


I really need to start looking at pictures better. The missing platform I saw. What I didn’t see and didn’t know was how that platform was attached to the floor plate/gun mount.  I thought that it would be a simple matter to just glue some styrene there and be done.


It couldn’t even be a clean break…

So yea, that’s going to take some work…

The next thing I noticed was the gun assembly was all wobbly. So I had to get that all apart without wrecking stuff too badly (above picture after stripping and disassembly)…

The last thing that I didn’t realize until I managed to snag a new-on-sprue old style Basilisk—is that the end of the gun barrel  has been cut down by a good couple of inches.

Yea, it was a greeeat bargain for $25… (The new-on-sprue was $26)

So into the stripper bath she went. And, indicative of how troublesome this kit had become the paint wouldn’t come off. Tried all my usual stuff (Simple Green, Castro Purple stuff, LA’s Degreaser and Oven Cleaner) all for nothing.  Finally following a tip from my buddy Austin I bought some non-acetone nail polish remover and BAM! Paint removed. Though the stuff stinks to high heaven and I was nervous the entire time that it would melt the plastic anyways.

I was then ably to gently pry/break apart the gun assembly (and some track parts). Luckily the builder put the thing together with superglue and most everything came apart pretty easily.

I was also able to pry out the gun mount/floor plate and get a better look at it.

I decided after some trial and error to cut down the plate where the old firing platform broke off to make it look  (and mount) cleaner.

I then took the ‘new’ floor plate traced it onto some styrene. I then cut the shape out and glued it to the bottom of the broken floor plate.

New and old.

The assembly is currently drying. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to sand down everything flush and square and begin reinforcing the firing platform (the styrene is only .20, kind of flimsy).

I’m thinking that due to how different this will look from my other Basilisk, I might ‘grubbins’ this one up to look like a command version or something. I did pick up some old Rhino consoles from the bits guy…


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5 responses to “All about that Bass..ilisk”

  1. 40kterminatus says :

    Cut the barrel even shorter and make it a howitzer😀

  2. Evan D'Alessandro says :

    The magic of buying things of Ebay, you never know what your going to have to do to fix the model.

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