Game 2!

So last Saturday my friend Austin came out to visit some family and we decided to do some gaming. We decided on a 1500 point game and I told him to bring his Knights.
Yes, plural.
I’d seen them in pictures but not up close, and I figured this would be a great opportunity to do so.

I was right, they look amazing.

Anyways, you may ask what I was thinking going up against two knights in a 1500 point game? Well, I was thinking a few things: this being only my second game, I knew I was going to loose, so I thought I’d do something interesting.  It also seems to me that this is where the meta is going: big, heavy hitting units flanked with a few supporting elements (obviously not true for all armies, but…), so I might as well get used to it up front.

I used my IG force since it’s the closest to being table ready (close in no way means done…). Austin used the aforementioned Knights (one Paladin and one FW Acheron), and his Death Korp Grenadiers and Chimeras.

7th Demaran Guards Muster

              7th Demaran Guards Muster

My ‘plan’ was to win initiative and do as much damage as I could to one of the Knights.

Guess who didn’t win Initiative?

Further complicating matters, I fouled up and placed my Primaris Psyker with the Battle Cannon Leman Russ, and not the Vanquisher. Where, you know, his prescience would have actually been useful…
I won’t make that mistake again.

I won’t bore you with the turn-by-turn, but I decided to charge up to him and start fighting when my turn came. It wasn’t really effective, but it felt better than hiding behind some ruins.

This will end well, I'm sure!

This will end well, I’m sure!

The middle objective was the most hotly contested, with Austin’s two Knights flanking it, and me trying to push some of my vets in there.

Bloody town Square

Bloody town Square

I also attempted to flank him with squad of guardsman. They were going to die anyways, sooo… (plus it made for a great picture!)

Affix Bayonets?  Affix Bayonets.

Affix Bayonets? Affix Bayonets!

The one cool ‘Forging a Narrative’ part came when the Sargent of an infantry squad defending a lascannon team was the only survivor of the Acheron Flamer Cannon, two autocannon shots from a Storm Chimera and bolter fire. He made his moral save and managed to ‘join up’ with the Leman Russ Eradicator.

Sgt. Hal, Survivor Extraordinaire.

Sgt. Hal, Survivor Extraordinaire.

I’m going to try to do something special for him, but I’m not sure how to model “luckiest grunt ever”…

The only damage I really managed to inflict was on the Paladin and that was from the Leman Russ Eradicator (my lesson learned from my first game!) and a squad of melta-vets that were dropped off by my crashing Valkyrie.

Austin’s DKK Grenadiers never even dismounted from their Storm Chimeras…

Throughout it all, Austin was apologizing for the whooping I had inflicted on myself and generally feeling terrible when he killed something of mine. I kept telling him I asked for it, but he still felt bad.

In the end I was happy. I learned a few things, saw some awesomely painted units and had a great time with a good freind.

Now I need my own knight. A Crusader perhaps… 🙂

Some other pictures from the game:

You first, Mr. Leman Russ.

You first, Mr. Leman Russ.

A look behind the lines.

A look behind the lines.

This is an important tree. We'll stay here and guard it.

This is an important tree. We’ll stay here and guard it.




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