Also a short update on Project: Eradicator.

I’ve managed to glue a big ol’ ball of milliput and pewter sprue in the turret for weight. It sit’s way better now!

Mmmm, Milliput Ball

Mmmm, Milliput Ball

I also took a hatch from on old style Chimera turret—which I hate due to the fact they are so thin.  However, due to the the damage to the hatch base from prying it off, and the damage on the turret from the old hatch being taken off, it’s not proving to be an easy mating.

I sanded the hatch base to get it as level as I could and added some filler to it. I also sanded the turret, but…

So I superglued the turret onto a sheet of styrene and am hoping that will allow the hatch to properly sit on the turret. Of course I have to cut and then sand everything flush, but that’s half the fun (I think?)!

Now just to cut it out and sand it flush. Oh, and hope it works.

Now just to cut it out and sand it flush. Oh, and hope it works.

Oh, yea. In the first picture you can see where I drilled some holes in a couple of…bump thingies and put in a length of brass wire. I’m hoping to make lifting rings, but I’m not sure I can bend the wire nicely enough to pull off the look. I guess we’ll see!


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