Sargent Hal

So here I talked a little about Sargent Hal, the luckiest non-com in the galaxy this side of Ciaphas Cain.

Ciaphas Cian

Ciaphas Cian

Anyways, I wanted to do something special for ol’ Sargent Hal. But I don’t know what. He didn’t kill anyone and, besides being lucky, he really didn’t do anything. He just survived. A lot.

But how do you model ‘lucky’? I had some old gasmask heads that came with one of my craigslist buys, so I stuck that on there. No so much as a kill marker, but more as a “Hey, I survived and you didn’t!” marker. And, uh, it’s really the only thing I have.

Ciaphas, he aint.

Ciaphas, he ain’t.

I realize I have to finish paining him, but seriously, how do I model ‘lucky’?


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3 responses to “Sargent Hal”

  1. imperialrebelork says :

    Haha I’ve never heard of this guy but I will research him. I just read about Sergeant Lukas Bastonne actually. Thinking of doing a little diorama in his honour.

    • greatersarcasmo says :

      Oh, he’s from a pick up game with a buddy of mine. He survived two Knights and a squad of Krieg shooting at him for 2 turns. So I decided to give him a name and some flair, as it were.

      • imperialrebelork says :

        Anyone who can survive such a thing deserves a little recognition I say. Years ago a friend of mine had a single Catachan guardsman take out a total of 11 Ork boyz. We were so impressed we allowed him to retire haha. Each time we’d play after that he’d sit on the side lines as an observer. Crazy I know but it was a laugh.

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