Project: Valk-detta

Ah, the Valkyrie. Primary flier for the Imperial Guard (and Scions) and a sturdy transport to boot.

Uh, the OTHER Valkyrie...

Uh, the OTHER Valkyrie…

There you go!

There you go!

Late night at last Adepticon there was a gentleman selling a Griffon, Salamander and a Valkyrie with the Vendetta conversion for $60. I’m not sure if it was the late hour, the lack of food in my stomach or the allure of a great deal, but I couldn’t pass it up.

The Salamander was what I was really after, as it had the correct Forgeworld Autocannon (my other doesn’t), and I wanted the Griffon for my Death Korp Assault list. The fact that I was getting a Valkyrie with the Vendetta conversion for less then the Vendetta conversion itself was just icing on the cake.

After I had gotten some sleep and really looked at the thing, I noticed that it was one of the original Forgeworld Valkyries made out of resin and not the plastic GW kit.

Then, I noticed something else…

It's totally natural if it curves a little to the left, right?

It’s totally natural if it curves a little, right?

Well, after cursing who ever screwed up the construction of the thing, I decided to try to get it apart.

After peeling out a ton of greenstuff from the cockpit/body joint I tried prying the pieces apart. Nothing.
Then I tried to gently remove the gun/sensor pods on flanking the cockpit. Also nothing. Then came the jewelers saw to make sure there was nothing holding the parts together. The problem with that was the weird angle and the fact that I could only get the saw to go so far.

So, in my desperation I took my ‘prying knife’ (an X-Acto Chisel blade) and pushed it in the joint as far as I could, and gently tapped on the knife handle with a pair of diagonal cutters.

This should end well...

This should end well…

After doing that a couple of times, I heard a “POP!” and the cockpit assembly came off. There was also like an 1/8 of an inch worth of dried superglue glopped on there (I would have tried the freezer method to break the superglue, but the Valkyrie was too big for mine).

Sweet, sweet victory! (and no blood!)

Sweet, sweet victory! (and no blood!)

It was then that I noticed that the curved cockpit wasn’t from a construction screw up, but rather the body sizes were two different lengths!

Definitely not natural...

Definitely not natural…

There’s not a lot of ways to fix this that aren’t major surgery. Luckily the outside of the fuselage is pretty devoid of detail and the interior (which has loads of it) can’t be seen once it’s all put together. I had one of three options: 1) buy the fuselage body ‘bits’ for the plastic Valkyrie and hope that I can get everything else to ‘bolt-on’, as it were; 2) Cut the shorter side and lengthen with some sheet styrene, or: 3) just cut down the longer side and sand to it’s the proper length. Clearly, option 1 is still a viable fail-safe, but I figured it could be…fun, I guess to do the surgery and try to get everything to work. I decided to shorten the long side since there should be less filling and sanding that route.
Though I should have checked the engine pods and wings to make sure they fit and look right on the shorter fuselage side. It’s only a few millimeters, so I think it’ll be ok.

Send help

Send help!

Of course I couldn’t find my hobby hacksaw so I pulled out the old X-acto plastic saw and proceeded to cut the fuselage (and hopefully not destroy it).

It actually cut fairly well for being such a thick chunk of resin. I made sure to wear my mask and kept a small spray bottle of water around to keep the dust to a minimum.

Next step is to sand down the parts (hopefully keeping them square) and gluing the fuselage back together and filling any seems.
I’m also debating getting the heavy bolter parts and installing them, but they are pretty worthless on a Vendetta…


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