Hobby Hoarding

This month’s topic with The Sprue Cutters Union (and my first feeble attempt at joining in on the fun) is “The Stash”. If you build models (or do miniature wargaming) you know what I’m talking about.

Growing up I always had a bunch of models (it was an escape from an unpleasant childhood) that I never built. After I started high school, I threw away or donated most of my models (a few Babylon 5 Starfuries were all I kept) packed away my BattleTech and D&D books and did the best I could to shed the geeky trappings that had defined me. I didn’t entirely succeed at it…

Fast forward a few years after graduation and the urge (we’ve all been there, I’m sure) to build came back to me. I stopped by a semi-local HobbyTown, bought some paints and some tools and decided to get cracking!

The urge didn’t last long. It turned out my closet sized room (the rest of the apartment wasn’t much bigger…) wasn’t conducive to model building and my roomate wasn’t so hot on the idea of enamels in the kitchen, So back into the bin and into the shed it all went.

So, around 2010 I found myself in a bigger apartment and with a lot of spare time on my hands. At first it was BattleTech miniatures. Then I started buying kits from Ebay that I remembered building with my dad growing up. Then it was just whatever struck my fancy…

Now it’s 2015, and I have a full grown hoard. 35 model kits (a pretty paltry number, comparatively), a hundred and fifty BattleTech minis and four Warhammer 40K armies (with one almost painted!). I have a two full paint racks full of paint, enough sheet plastic to build a house, knifes, cutters and all kinds of other odds and ends one accrues with an obsession.

I’m selling off some of my regular models that I’m not going to build, and I’ve begun sorting some of my BattleTech miniatures to offload.  Heck, I’ve started painting one of my 40K armies (Dark Angels) to sell. It’ll take me forever to build what I have, and with my schedule as it is…

I’ve come to the conclusion that the quality of the stash (and what’s on the ‘built’ shelf!) is far more important than what is in the stash!

Happy Hobbying!



About greatersarcasmo

Father. Husband. Model builder, miniature painter, TV watcher and book reader

2 responses to “Hobby Hoarding”

  1. Jeroen Vantroyen says :

    Scale modelling and D&D are not just hobbies you “stash” away (lame pun intended :-))

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