It’s all about the detail!

Well, it’s been awhile. Again. Between an awesome family vacation to Virginia, work and a general malaise, I haven’t gotten a lot done. But one thing I CAN get done, is answering this month’s Sprue Cutters Union question of the month!

Do you bother with details that will not be seen in the finished product or do you pour your heart and soul into each nook and cranny of the build?

Short answer: No.
Long answer: Heck no.
In all honesty, it’s hard enough for my to finish a kit to begin with (I’m looking at you Ace GAZ kit of doom). It’s especially hard when I am a perfectionist and am wayyyy over critical of myself. So If I can save myself time and angst (and maybe even finish a kit!) I owe it to myself to do so.
Besides, maybe like 5 people will see my kit, and none of them are savvy enough to know what to look for.


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Father. Husband. Model builder, miniature painter, TV watcher and book reader

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