Shaking that Bass-ilisk

Although you couldn’t tell by my blog updates, I have been getting in bench time. Its just been my usual model ADD: doing a bunch of stuff on a bunch of models.

However, I’ve gotten to a point with Project Bass-ilisk that I kind of want to show it off. Where we last left off (uh, 3 months ago…) I had designed the parts for a structure in FreeCAD, printed the parts out and cut them out of plastic. It actually came out pretty well, and I’m pretty stoked. It’s not quite designing a 3-D model and printing it out, but it has its uses.

I decided that the structure needed a little beefing up, so I designed some plates and cut them out. I did want the armor to be pretty thick (cuz, you know, 40K) so I glued some 1/4″ square tubing in between the plates to make them suitably thick. I also added some of the Tichy .050 rivets to give it that “Imperial Guard” look.



I also fabbed up a front hatch for the driver, sadly I decided on no rivets for that, due to its small size and the PITA factor.

Basic, but works.

Basic, but works.


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