Well. it’s been awhile.
Sadly, due to the dreaded Real Life™ (and a cold basement), I’ve had precious little hobby time this winter. So while I occasionally would tool around on things, I was usually exhausted and my heart really wasn’t into it. It was much easier (and warmer) to put on Netflix and get sucked into “Arrow”.

The one thing I had been able to do (especially with all the overtime I was getting) was buy stuff (including a new air compressor, YAY!), which we all know, is almost as good as actual hobbying.

However, with work settling down and the temperatures warming up, I’m finally starting to get back to it. Last week I cleaned up the hobby space, and started to plan out some projects.
Including, but not limited to:

Building a Light arch like this using this tutorial.

Contuining on my Tasca Fury

Building the two squads of Scions I have.

Building a 1/72 Aircraft model

Finishing Project Valkdetta (for the Scions)

Finish painting my Demaran Guard

Plus all the other assorted half-cocked ideas I have running through my head, including my Squat squad. A few years ago, Adepticon gave out a few sprues of Mantic Space Dwarves (Steel Warriors) in the swag bags, and I’ve been wanting to convert them ever since to fit in with my guard. I figure as a squad of veterans or maybe as part of an Inquisitional retinue.

These are totally not Squats.

These are totally not Squats.

Anyways, I hope to start updating this more regularly and getting some projects finished.


About greatersarcasmo

Father. Husband. Model builder, miniature painter, TV watcher and book reader

One response to “Yikes!”

  1. imperialrebelork says :

    Nice work mate. I think most of us struggle to find the time for the hobby. The main thing is, you keep coming back to it.

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