I have to many damned projects started and not enough finished.

So for now, I need to concentrate on what I have started and what can be quickly finished. Like a reverse triage system.

Projects like Project:Bass-ilisk. She’s currently been undercoated in a metal color, I just need to get some rust on her and then I’ll be ready for chipping medium and painting.

I have a few other not-named projects that have been shot with primer (a re-hashed Demolisher and a couple of Chimeras) that need the metal basecoat for weathering applied.

My Vindicare assassin is…oh 60% done. He’s turning out pretty good. So he should be pretty easy to finish quickly.

Project Valkdetta is getting there, one of the booms has been epoxied on, and the other side I had to clearance the engines, but the other boom is ready to go on, then it’s just the wings, doors, weapons and canopy. And paint. So yea, like almost done. :/

Then there’s the ‘Pile o’ Russ’, 5 Leman’s (three old style from the ARMAGEDDON boxing and two newer ones) that have their hulls done, but I need to work on the turrets yet. I’m thinking of just magnetizing them (perfect candidates from the ‘Single Magnet Magnetizing’ but I do have to re-barrel the battlecannon—I can’t stand the stock one.

I’ve managed to primer the vast majority of my built Cadian and Catachans. I’ve also got almost all of my Tau infantry done as well. Though those I mostly prep at work on my lunches, so they haven’t yet taken away from my ‘regular’ hobby time. But painting them is going to be a huge time sink.

Hmmm, what else… Oh, making my Valhallans. Though I need to come up with a suitable name for them, since they aren’t strictly Valhallans. Due the the Ushankas hitting on the molded in greatcoat collar, I’ll have to clearance them, so while not the quickest conversions, it’s not too involved.

Oh, right, my Mantic Space Dwarves. I’ll have to finish those too.

Damn. I have a lot to do.

So I guess in order of quickest time to completion and to maximize tool usage time:
Do metallic basecoat on primed Tanks and Chimeras
Add rust to Project: Bass-ilisk and tanks and Chimeras.
-Apply chipping medium
-Do paint and remove medium (if you wait to long, the chipping medium doesn’t release right…)

Vindicare finishing up.

Do magnetizing for Pile o’ Russes and make new Battlecannons


Paint my primered infantry

Work on my not-Valhallans.


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