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Moving Woes and a Quick Update


It’s been a helluva few months. In the beginning of July we were notified that our landlord was going to sell the condo we were renting. Not only was this a shock—coming out of nowhere, but it was really demoralizing. This meant that the hobby stuff was the first to packed, as it wasn’t something we “needed” daily, and is kind of tedious and time consuming to pack.

Anyways, we live in a college town, so finding a place to live around July-August is pretty difficult. It took us two months and looking at 9 places (and $150 in application fees…) to finally find a place that didn’t suck. The one thing going far it is a nice finished room in the basement where the wife and I can both do our hobby stuff.

So that’s been my last few months, and why I’ve been so quiet. I have been sharing stuff on my Commonplace Modeler Facebook page but that’s all I’ve really had time for.

However, at work we’re starting a public makerspace with 2 Ultimaker 2+ FDM printers and a fantastic Form 2 SLA printer which will be a subject of a a future blog post (maybe today) and how I see it affecting the hobby as we go forward.