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Some (almost) Finished Work.

I really kind of suck at finishing stuff. I get like 90% there and… I peter out. Anyways, it’s helpful (I think) to post some (nearly) finished stuff to remember that I don’t (completely) suck.

A modified BattleTech Battlemaster that I made for a fellow moderator at the BattleTech Forums. The ‘Ban-hammer” was made from a set of Mantic Dwarves that I received from Adepticon a few years ago.

A better view of the Banhammer.

The first mini I painted after I got back into BattleTech in 2010.

Not horrible. but not great either.

A mostly completed Imperial Guard Sentinel. Bought this last year at Adepticon. It…had some issues which I’ve tried to camouflage with battle damage. This was my first time using chipping medium.


This is Bill, my prototype guardsman.

I have some more stuff, but I need better photos, so that’s enough for now.


Armies, Paint Schemes and trying to remember if it was True Red or Opaque Red…

So I have a fair collection of painted and unpainted BattleTech miniatures (many more un-built) in a wide variety of schemes. Which is great for smaller games, or a wider ‘universe’ feel, but makes it harder to track exactly what you painted each scheme with. Unlike other game systems, BattleTech doesn’t have a its own line of supporting paints.  So whereas in Warmachine,  if you have a Khordor mini you know you just pick up a bottle of Khador red, and you’re set.  Instead, for BattleTech schemes,  color call outs are ‘red’ or ‘grey-blue’ which, as you can imagine, offers a wide variety of options.  Now we do have an excellent reference in Camospecs, but the artists rarely share what colors were used.

Which brings me to my dilemma. Whilst unpacking from my move, I noticed a couple of my older ‘Robinson Rangers‘ minis were damaged, and I can’t remember which red I painted them with.  Now I have a pretty good idea which one it was, but I’m going to have to do some experimenting and such to figure it out. Time which takes away from actually painting, which is not good…

So, I’m going to get a whole bunch of those big 5×8 note cards and a holder thingy, some alphabetic sorter tabs and I will be writing down how to do each units scheme, what colors were used, if they were mixed and that type of thing.

Now, hopefully, I can fix schemes or add ‘mechs to units I’ve painted a few years ago.