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Just a quick update:

Still here, just real life keeping me occupied.

Anyways, I’m working on a cool story about airbrushing craft paints that I picked up from another modeler, I should have that up this weekend.

A couple of cool products I’ve seen in the mean time though:

The first is: ComposiMold, which is a reusable mold making material to cast your own parts. The review in the January ’14  Finescale Modeler looks promising. Once I get some time, I’ll do a side by side with the more conventional RTV usually used for resin casting.

The other is the Glue Looper. It replaces the blade on your trusty hobby knife and allows more precision for superglue application then a toothpick or pin. Truth be told, I’ve never been able to consistently apply superglue with a toothpick. I try, it looks like nothing got applied, so I do more and then BAM! super glue ball of doom. It’s all very traumatizing…


Stay Tuned!