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Project Valk-Detta Progress

While it’s been nearly a year since I’ve documented any progress on my old, second-hand Forge World Valkyrie, I have occasionally tooled around with it here and there.

Since the last update, I’ve attached the cockpit assembly to the fuselage. Now it’s still not perfectly straight, but it’s now barely perceptible.



As purchased. A *bit* off…


Much better.

However, there has been a crap load of filling and sanding and filling and sanding and… Well, you get the point. The transition between the fuselage and the cockpit on the bottom has been a huge pain, but it’s getting there. Right now I have the top…hump? epoxied to a sheet of plastic to make sure it’s flat and give it a bit of a height boost, as I think the cockpit module sits a bit higher than it did before—here’s hoping that doesn’t mess everything else up. I also need to figure out if the engines go on before the tail boom, or if it’s the other way around.

Here’s some more pics of the old girl, which I’m thinking I’ll name Phoenix.


October in the Union!


Sprue Cutter’s Union October Topic:
We all get lazy at times but let’s face it, there are areas of this hobby that modelers cannot get skimpy. Whether it’s a part of the assembly process, a finishing technique, or a particular tool, what do you think are the essential aspects you cannot afford to cut corners on during a build? What are your imperatives?

I’m going to tackle this one a bit differently. For me, the one thing that is imperative on a build is: finishing the damn model!
I have a problem. I used to think it was pretty rare, but after being involved in various Facebook modeling and gaming groups, I realized that I am not alone. I find it very difficult to finish builds. I’ll get close, but never quite get there.
I have finished one model in 3 years. ONE. And I hate it. Every time I look at it, I see all of my mistakes magnified a hundred times. I have no issue filling and sanding or painting, or gluing fiddly bits (though I dislike photoetch) I just find it difficult to get over the finish line.
I have an ACE 1/72 GAZ-67 Jeep kit that was a total pain in my ass. Microscopic photoetch, parts that fit like crap—you know, typical ACE fair—but I got through almost all of that. I literally just have to put on the wheels and paint (I love painting!) it and it’s done. But mistakes were made, and as long as I don’t ever finish it, I don’t have to accept criticism about it, explain it or even look at it.
My wargaming stuff is a bit better, probably because I have to use it, and there isn’t (for BattleTech and 40K, anyways) a historic aspect that can be used to judge the thing. But even those are rarely ever ‘done’. Basing, final weathering, unpainted tracks or other small items continue to hold the models back from completion. Why? I’ve a few ideas but no need to lay my various psychosis out to the world.
I can get through all the usual tedious fair, and indeed, I often find the most annoying or most repetitive tasks oddly therapeutic, but the (usually) simple task of finishing everything up, continues to elude me and leaves a pile of very expensive pewter and plastic in the corner of my hobby room.
So, my imperative is going to buckle down and finish these piles of plastic and pewter, and if I really hate them, give them away to someone who won’t feel a constant pang of regret or self-criticism every time they see a missed mold line, or mis-applied paint.

Some (almost) Finished Work.

I really kind of suck at finishing stuff. I get like 90% there and… I peter out. Anyways, it’s helpful (I think) to post some (nearly) finished stuff to remember that I don’t (completely) suck.

A modified BattleTech Battlemaster that I made for a fellow moderator at the BattleTech Forums. The ‘Ban-hammer” was made from a set of Mantic Dwarves that I received from Adepticon a few years ago.

A better view of the Banhammer.

The first mini I painted after I got back into BattleTech in 2010.

Not horrible. but not great either.

A mostly completed Imperial Guard Sentinel. Bought this last year at Adepticon. It…had some issues which I’ve tried to camouflage with battle damage. This was my first time using chipping medium.


This is Bill, my prototype guardsman.

I have some more stuff, but I need better photos, so that’s enough for now.