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Moving Woes and a Quick Update


It’s been a helluva few months. In the beginning of July we were notified that our landlord was going to sell the condo we were renting. Not only was this a shock—coming out of nowhere, but it was really demoralizing. This meant that the hobby stuff was the first to packed, as it wasn’t something we “needed” daily, and is kind of tedious and time consuming to pack.

Anyways, we live in a college town, so finding a place to live around July-August is pretty difficult. It took us two months and looking at 9 places (and $150 in application fees…) to finally find a place that didn’t suck. The one thing going far it is a nice finished room in the basement where the wife and I can both do our hobby stuff.

So that’s been my last few months, and why I’ve been so quiet. I have been sharing stuff on my Commonplace Modeler Facebook page but that’s all I’ve really had time for.

However, at work we’re starting a public makerspace with 2 Ultimaker 2+ FDM printers and a fantastic Form 2 SLA printer which will be a subject of a a future blog post (maybe today) and how I see it affecting the hobby as we go forward.


Bolt Action Part Duex

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks, but I’ve made some headway on my little test squad of American troops:


Basecoated and test washes applied.

Here they are basecoated and washed. For the washes I tried 5 different ones to see how I liked them, but I can say that I don’t think that how I did the zenithal highlighting had a lot of impact here. I’m going to end up priming another figure straight black and see how he comes out as a control, however,  it’s not like rattle canning the additional colors took a lot of time, so I’m not really out of anything either.


For the colors on these guys, I went with Army Painter Army Green for the coats and Puttees, Vallejo Model Color (VMC) English Uniform Brown for the paints, VMC Iraqui Sand for the pack, VMC Pastel Green for the webbing and Leather Brown for the boots.

Now, a few of these colors I’ve gotten from the web, and others were kind of ‘eyeball to memory” trying to figure out colors from re-enactor’s gears and the such from Google Image results. I’m not happy with packs (too light) and the pants (just not close).

With that in mind, I decided to order some books from my local  library dealing with uniforms and see if I could come up with some more accurate colors. I’m not done yet, but one book that’s just jam packed with pictures is Windrow and Hawkins’: The World War II GI, US Army Uniforms 1941-45 ( I’ll probably do a blog post on just the uniform stuff I learn from there.

After I was done basecoating, I attacked them with a variety of washes, including some I made from Les Burley’s wash recipe ( I made his Soft and Heavy Body Black along with a Sepia Wash. I also used Vallejo Sepia Wash.  For the Burley Sepia wash, I tried a couple of different ink concentrations: 40 and 50 drops of the FW ink.


L-R: Vallejo Sepia, 40 Drops Burley Sepia, Soft Body Black, 50 Drops Burley Sepia and “Mix”


The Vallejo Sepia Wash worked, and would probably be fine for this, but I felt like playing around. The 40 Drop concentration of Burley Sepia wash was really light. A couple of applications would probably work OK as well. However, my goal is speed, so I I’ll probably skip this. I really liked how the Soft Body Black flowed and acted, but it was too harsh of a color. Next was a 50 drop concentration of Burley’s Sepia and this was pretty good. This maybe the way I go. The last one was a bit of a mix that I, uh forgot to write down like an idiot. Of course, I like this one a lot. I think this was the fifty-drop Sepia concentration, with some black ink mixed in. I *think* I figured it would be the fifty-drop sepia with 5 or 10 drops of black ink.

So, I need to find a better color for the packs, the pants and nail down my wash. And then I’ll be able to start.

But I am getting there, and learning quite a bit as I do so, which I consider a win.

Till next time!

Getting There—Project: Valkdetta

Well, after more than a year, Project: Valkdetta is mostly complete. All the major sub-assemblies are done and it looks like what it’s supposed to be. I’m missing the lower vertical stabilizers (I’ll have to look if I ever got them or not) and the front sensor array. If I don’t have the parts I’ll have to see if I can buy them reasonably or if I’ll have to plastic-card them.

Getting the booms and wings on was a bit of pain, what with the original alignment pegs having been broken in the tear-down process. It’s not perfect but I did the best I could. With the wings at least, the old mounting holes were still present, so I used the center of them to drill out holes for pinning.

Hard to see, but pins for the wings to mount to.

Hard to see, but pins for the wings to mount to.

For gluing all the major assemblies, I used JB Quick 5-miniute epoxy. I wont say it’s indestructible, but if something breaks, things have gone horribly wrong.

While I was test fitting the left wing on, I noticed the wing had gotten horribly warped. I can only imagine that it happened after I broke the model down and must have set something down on it.

You can see Valkdett's wing compared to a plastic Valkyrie wing. Just a *bit* off...

You can see Valkdetta’s wing compared to a plastic Valkyrie wing. Just a *bit* off…

Not to be discouraged (I totally was…) I decided to try boiling it and bending it back to the correct angle. Once again, it’s not perfect, but the angle is correct now (even if the wing has some ripples in it) and I decided to go ahead and glue it on.

You can see the left wing isn't perfectly straight, but...

You can see the left wing isn’t perfectly straight, but…

I still need to fill in some gaps on the wing to fuselage joint and clean up some of the JB Quick that got where it shouldn’t be, but Valkdetta is now clearly a Valkyrie. I’ll fluff her rough appearance to being an old bird with a lot of battles behind her.

A *bit* of an improvement. If I say so myself.

A *bit* of an improvement. If I say so myself.

Some Updates

So as I’m dealing with a bum ankle, I might as well post some pictures and what not of what I’ve been up too.


Project: Valkdetta

Valkdetta is getting along. Engines and center hump-thingy are on, as well at the one boom. The other boom was a bit trickier—I had to clearance the engine to make sure it fit. That’s all settled now, so this weekend should see her getting close to completion. Just in time for the new Death From the Skies book to hit, even though it apparently doesn’t have anything about the Vendetta—or any of the FW fliers.


Here is my Vindicare assassin. I’m trying to follow the tutorial in “White Dwarf” as closely as I can. It’s my fist time painting anything in that style, so… I don’t hate it yet, but those edge highlights are a bit thick in my opinion.



This is my ‘bits’ priest. I picked up a bag of WFB Empire bits at Adepticon for $4 and made this guy. I added boots to him, and cut the spikes of his mace. He still looked more Chaos then not though, so I added an Aquila emblem from the Imperial Tank Sprue. I like him much better now. The autogun was made from a spare lasrifle, plastic tubing and some greenstuff.


For the Somewhat Better Good!

I’ve been working on my Tau infantry at work during my lunches (cleaning them up and such) and decided I might as well throw paint on them. These are all second hand, and let’s face it, the old sculpts weren’t so great to begin with. These will be fluffed as a backwater garrison that suddenly got reinforced with some front line units. That’ll explain the old metal stealth suits I have as well as the old Crisis suits.


I have to many damned projects started and not enough finished.

So for now, I need to concentrate on what I have started and what can be quickly finished. Like a reverse triage system.

Projects like Project:Bass-ilisk. She’s currently been undercoated in a metal color, I just need to get some rust on her and then I’ll be ready for chipping medium and painting.

I have a few other not-named projects that have been shot with primer (a re-hashed Demolisher and a couple of Chimeras) that need the metal basecoat for weathering applied.

My Vindicare assassin is…oh 60% done. He’s turning out pretty good. So he should be pretty easy to finish quickly.

Project Valkdetta is getting there, one of the booms has been epoxied on, and the other side I had to clearance the engines, but the other boom is ready to go on, then it’s just the wings, doors, weapons and canopy. And paint. So yea, like almost done. :/

Then there’s the ‘Pile o’ Russ’, 5 Leman’s (three old style from the ARMAGEDDON boxing and two newer ones) that have their hulls done, but I need to work on the turrets yet. I’m thinking of just magnetizing them (perfect candidates from the ‘Single Magnet Magnetizing’ but I do have to re-barrel the battlecannon—I can’t stand the stock one.

I’ve managed to primer the vast majority of my built Cadian and Catachans. I’ve also got almost all of my Tau infantry done as well. Though those I mostly prep at work on my lunches, so they haven’t yet taken away from my ‘regular’ hobby time. But painting them is going to be a huge time sink.

Hmmm, what else… Oh, making my Valhallans. Though I need to come up with a suitable name for them, since they aren’t strictly Valhallans. Due the the Ushankas hitting on the molded in greatcoat collar, I’ll have to clearance them, so while not the quickest conversions, it’s not too involved.

Oh, right, my Mantic Space Dwarves. I’ll have to finish those too.

Damn. I have a lot to do.

So I guess in order of quickest time to completion and to maximize tool usage time:
Do metallic basecoat on primed Tanks and Chimeras
Add rust to Project: Bass-ilisk and tanks and Chimeras.
-Apply chipping medium
-Do paint and remove medium (if you wait to long, the chipping medium doesn’t release right…)

Vindicare finishing up.

Do magnetizing for Pile o’ Russes and make new Battlecannons


Paint my primered infantry

Work on my not-Valhallans.

More Valhallans

Part one HERE

So I got my Mad Robot Ushanka and Kurgan heads in the other day and immediately glued them to some Shock Troops.
The Kurgan helmet head (basically a Soviet SSH-40-ish helmet) fit perfectly. The Ushanka… did not. Due to the Shock Troop’s high collar, the bottom of the Ushanka hits it and makes the head stick up quite a bit. I made a greenstuff “neck” to prop it up, but I think what I’ll probably do is position the head and cut the collar down so the head fits right. But maybe not. I’m still mulling it over.


With Green stuff neck



Side-by-side with the Kurgan head. The Ushanka head is actually taller as I left more of his built in base under the feet. But I’m not sure if I see a notable enough difference.


Anyways, I’ll try cutting ones collar down and sticking a Ushanka down on that and seeing how I like it.



Project Valk-Detta Progress

While it’s been nearly a year since I’ve documented any progress on my old, second-hand Forge World Valkyrie, I have occasionally tooled around with it here and there.

Since the last update, I’ve attached the cockpit assembly to the fuselage. Now it’s still not perfectly straight, but it’s now barely perceptible.



As purchased. A *bit* off…


Much better.

However, there has been a crap load of filling and sanding and filling and sanding and… Well, you get the point. The transition between the fuselage and the cockpit on the bottom has been a huge pain, but it’s getting there. Right now I have the top…hump? epoxied to a sheet of plastic to make sure it’s flat and give it a bit of a height boost, as I think the cockpit module sits a bit higher than it did before—here’s hoping that doesn’t mess everything else up. I also need to figure out if the engines go on before the tail boom, or if it’s the other way around.

Here’s some more pics of the old girl, which I’m thinking I’ll name Phoenix.